"Doonie's Got Talent"

Back by popular demand, "Doonie's Got Talent" will take place on Wednesday 30th November starting at 11:30am. Parent's and carers are welcome to attend. A time for student's, staff and the community to get together and celebrate the talents of our students and teachers !... Read more

Grand Final PSSA Cricket-Postponed

POSTPONED: Please be advised that our Junior cricket Grand Final has been postponed today due to the expected extreme heat. New details are 25th November 2016, Heber Park at 3:40pm.... Read more

National Kidsafe Day 2016

Tuesday 25th October is National Kid Safe Day. The Kid Safe campaign for 2016 focuses on three important messages that teacher's, parents and carers may share with children: 1. Safe Cross Code- Stop, Look, Listen and Think ! 2. Wear a Helmet- Use your head, Don't lose it. 3. Seat Belt Safety- Buckle Up, It's going to be a bumpy ride. Students at Doonside in Years 4-6 will also have the opportunity on Tuesday to talk with Constable Nathan, Youth liaison Officer from Blacktown Police, about the law and young people during his visit to our school.... Read more

2017 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2016, all NSW public schools will receive a 2017 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM). The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) methodology distributes funding based on the individual needs of students and schools. This gives schools greater flexibility to make local decisions. Learn more about the 2017 funding by visiting the Department's website. Watch a short animation about the important role of the RAM... Read more

Summer PSSA Sport resumes Friday 14th October

PSSA Summer PSSA competition resumes Friday 14th October students will need to bring their sportswear, hat, water and $10 for the bus. New players will also need to provide a signed permission note. Good luck to our teams !... Read more

Selective High School 2018

Students in Year 5 today have been provided with information in regards to the application process for Year 7 entry to selective high schools in 2018. The application process is online only and closes on Monday 14th November 2016.... Read more

Painting Jackie French Book Covers

Jackie French Appreciation!

In Week 6, 3/6R spent their time reading Jackie French books and doing wonderful activities about her book, Pete the Sheep. Along with asking some fun questions about the story, we also watched a real video on real Australian sheep shearing methods, and compared and contrasted those techniques to the things Sean the shearer did in the book. In addition, we did a fun crossword puzzle helping children understand the vocabulary of sheep shearing. Also, students also designed their own shearing styles by drawing and colouring hairstyles for the... Read more

Finding the Area

What's My Area?

3/6R is having fun with maths! We spent time working on finding the area of our favourite cartoon shapes by using a transparent grid of squared centimetres. We placed our favourite cartoons under the grid and traced the outer shape of the character with a dry erase texter. Students then counted the completed squares to find out how many whole squares were inside the character. Then we estimated the partially shaped ones by combining two partially shaped ones to equal one whole squared centimetere. They then added the whole square amount to the... Read more

Bandana Day 2016

Bandana Day 2016!!

Bandana Day is the major fundraiser for Canteen, who raise money to support children fighting cancer. Our school will once again be selling these items through the front office from today, Monday 12th September 2016. For just $4, you or your child can help raise much needed funds for this amazing charity. Wear your Bandana with pride on the official Bandana Day, 28th October 2016 (Term4).... Read more

Mahalia Murphy, Taleena Simon and Student leaders

Deadly 7s National Launch

Doonside Public School was proud to unite with the Australian Rugby Union for the National Launch of their "Deadly 7s" program. The program is designed to increase engagement of Indigenous students in school and to possibly identify sporting pathways for talented students. Our Year 5 and 6 students were the representative group and enjoyed participating in the official launch. Please see the link below for the ARU news release statement. ARU Deadly 7s Launch... Read more

eSafety week

e-Safety Week

Week 8 - 5th - 9th September is e-Safety Week. Students will be engaging in lessons centred around the safe and appropriate use of technology both in the school and in their general lives. Parents are encouraged to support these lessons and maintain an open relationship with their children and be available to their child if they are using social media.... Read more

Mt Druitt PSSA Athletics Carnival 2016

Doonside Public School is proud to host the 2016 Mt Druitt PSSA Athletics Carnival at Blacktown Olympic Park on Tuesday 23rd August and Wednesday 24th August 2016. This event will proceed regardless of the weather! The stadium is sheltered and the track is all weather, which means we can compete regardless of the weather conditions. We would like to invite parents, carers and friends to spectate and support their athletes.... Read more

Swim Scheme 2016

The School Swim scheme commences first day back for students Tuesday 19th July. The bus will leave at 9:30am for Emerton Pool. Students should wear their swimmers underneath their school uniform and make sure they bring a towel, underwear and a plastic bag for their wet swimmers. There are currently limited places still available. Please see the office for a permission note and to make payment.... Read more


Doonside Public School proudly acknowledged and celebrated NAIDOC 2016 through our Whole School Assembly including student performances by our dance groups, classroom activities and a community BBQ. Thank you to Mr Stephen Bali (Blacktown mayor) and Mrs Sue Mathews (DoE Aboriginal Education Regional Office) for their attendance and support. Thank you also to Blacktown Council and community members for their support. Please see our Twitter and Facebook sites for pictures of the day! A great day was had by all.... Read more

State of Origin Game 2

You tube video: Good luck to the NSW Blues in Game 2!!... Read more

"The Voice" Filming

Students from Doonside Public School have been invited to attend the filming of "The Voice" auditions on Thursday 30th June at Sydney Olympic Park. We will be leaving at 9:30am and returning around 6:30pm and will watch the audition process for 2016. Students are required to bring notes and money by Friday 24th June 2016.... Read more

Swim Scheme 2016

The Swim Scheme Program to run in the first two weeks of Term 3 currently has a number of places still available. The program takes place at Emerton Pool which is heated. Instruction is provided by qualified teachers in water awareness and survival skills. The intensity of the course enables students to build their confidence and develop and practice skills in a supportive environment, ready for next summer !... Read more

Athletics Carnival Postponed

Doonside Public School's P-2 and 3-6 Athletics Carnivals have been postponed until Tuesday 14th June due to ground closures. Students will require a new permission note for the new date to be returned by Thursday.Students should bring their note home today.Lunch orders and event payment for the carnival will carry over to next week. Students will therefore need to bring lunch tomorrow.... Read more

One Eyed Monster

Monster Pots

3/6 R has been enjoying the opportunity to sculpt. We chose to experiment with air-dry clay and make some monster pots. First, we learned how to make a slab and cut it to geometric dimensions. Then we learned how to 'glue', fold and blend layers of clay to add to the wanted forms. We also experimented with texture, and used various sculpting tools to create different effects on our monsters. Then we talked about comical elements of facial expression, and how to exaggerate them for effect. Next week we will be painting them, and posting final... Read more

OC Placement - Final Dates

Note for parents: If you are intending to apply for Opportunity Class placement for entry in 2017, your applications must be made by Friday 13th May, 2016. All applications MUST be made online. Follow the link below: OC Application 2017 Please contact Mrs Nisbet via the office by Thursday 12th May if you have any concerns or queries.... Read more

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